An Ever-Growing Story


Open to everyone, LIFEletes volleyball believes the more diverse the participation the better. That is one thing we learned early on, as the more voices heard, the more questions asked, and the more people become involved the more things get done. Whether planning a community sports event, an educational enrichment retreat for youth, or a community based team fundraiser, we have and will always encourage people to join in on the ground floor.

You can learn more about our Institute by coming to one of our monthly community Life Skill clinics held on 4th Saturday of every month.




Established in 2015, LIFEletes Inc. "Volleyball Club" is a community based 501 (c)3 non profit  organization created in order to serve as a Life Skill oriented outreach program to provide access to individuals with limited financial means that would otherwise be excluded from participating in competitive volleyball outside of the school day. We pride ourselves on establishing an atmosphere where all players, family and community feel a sense of belonging and family ties. Our program(s) focuses on youth development on and off the volleyball court. Our goal is for players/athletes to become effective citizens by learning to work with others, strive for personal excellence, build character and enjoy the sport of volleyball. Learning these key principle is the foundation in which this program rests on. 

With a small staff & a core group of volunteers, we have managed to build a number of partnerships with local schools, businesses & organizations from around the area. It is our relationships that has allowed us to create programs, and encourage residents to become LIFEletes.


Your Participation Counts