How are my donations used?

Why are donations necessary?

About Our Fundraisers
LIFEletes Upcoming Fundraising Campaign

Donations will be used toward the purchase & repair of practice gear, training camps, gym rental, travel costs, club fees, pregame meals & uniforms.

The cost of providing a competitive program far exceeds the allotted budget. We depend on community support to provide an enriching, character building program.

2018-2019 Fundraising TBD 

The cost of club volleyball is increasing every year making it very difficult for average families to afford. LIFEletes philosophy is to provide access to individuals with limited financial means that would otherwise be excluded from participating in competitive volleyball outside of the school day. We believe in keeping cost low and providing  fundraising options to those parents in need of financial assistance. At LIFEletes, families can fundraiser "All" or "Some" of their child club fees.